Frequently Asked Questions

Diabetes Management service

Who should use this service?

The Oxyjon chronic care program is for people with diabetes and even for people who have been diagnosed at pre-diabetes stage.

How to get started?

Take the first step towards better health by downloading this app and creating a user login.

Then click My Health on the side menu and click on My Health Record. You will get prompts at every stage to fill in the health profile. Though nothing after the first screen is mandatory, we strongly suggest that you fill in till the last page for better management of your health conditions. Once the health profile is created, our coach will call you within 3 days to health you with your journey towards better health. Cheers for the new journey. 

How does this program works?

We use technology and specialized health coaches to improve health outcomes for the patients through changes in the diet, lifestyle, and higher adherence to medication. Our guidelines are based on recognised national and international medical institutions. Patients working with us have seen decrease of 1.5% reduction in their HBA1C values over a period of 6 months. 

What are the features of this program?

The Oxyjon care program provides helps you in managing your diabetes through:

  1. Personalized suggestions for Diet and Exercise through a dedicated diabetes coach
  2. Support to help you stick to diet and exercise plan. Our unique approach helps you in making sustainable behavioral change.
  3. Digital health diary to store all your health records and test reports. Now never loose track of your prescriptions, lab test reports, sugar values and issues that you faced.
  4. React before high or low sugar levels impact your health. We analyse trends to identify risks so that you and your doctor can make early interventions.
  5. Preventive health check suggestions tailored for you.

What does this service costs?

We provide a range of options to suit your need which includes sugar reduction plans, one off doctor consultantion and Diet counselling. You can refer to our App see the plan details. 


Health profile

Can I create profile for somebody else?

Yes, you can. You can help your parents, siblings, children, spouse, grandparents and other relatives by regularly maintaining their profile.

I am perfectly healthy. Why should I create a health profile?

Creating and regularly maintaining a health profile is relevant not only for people who are facing health issue but also for perfectly healthy individuals. With changes in lifestyle, there is onset of diseases like diabetes, heart problems, asthma in much younger people as compared to past. Creating a health profile helps in providing alerts before onset of lifestyle related issue.  Some of the several other benefits of creating a health profile are:

  • You can record and share health parameters with your doctor in case it is required. This gives a better view of your health status to the doctor, resulting in better and more effective treatments
  • You can store all your prescriptions, and medical reports at one place. Therefore there is no need to search around whenever an old medical record needs to be retrieved
  • All of your medical history will be recorded and kept in one place, thereby making it easier for you to consult a new doctor. It also helps a doctor in making better diagnosis of your health condition
  • By tracking your health parameter and symptoms, you are able to make preventive changes, thereby giving you better control over your health.


Lab packages

What is lab package service?

You can book Blood tests in over 100 cities through Oxyjon. We can also suggest the most relevant health tests based on your health history if you are looking for preventive check-up.